Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clothes Worst Enemy: The Dryer

So you have a great new pair of dark jeans and you do NOT want them to fade. What's the best way to keep that dark color? Wash them inside-out in cold water. Turn them right-side and hang them out to dry.
The dryer fades clothes and wears out clothes faster than the wash cycle. Why? Because of the heat.
Black t-shirt dirty? Wash it and hang it to dry. It won't shrink and won't fade.
Get in the habit of hanging up your clothes right out of the washer. Give them a good shake and put them on a hanger. When they dry, all you need to do is put it into the closet.
You will have to find a place to hang the clothes while drying. I put up a long closet pole in my garage. You can use the shower to hang clothes or a free standing clothes rack. Find a place, invest in the hardware. It will make your clothes last longer and look better!
This will, however, sometimes put "hanger" marks in the shoulders. Of course, this can happen even with dry clothes, but it is worse with some clothes when they are wet. So hang these clothes over a clothes drying rack. When they are dry, hang up or fold and put away.
The drying rack is your new best friend for making your clothes look great longer! Even in a small apartment, you can prop it up in the bathroom and everything will dry overnight.
And its the best thing for drying sweaters....
Below, $49.99 at Costco...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Food & Grease Stain Removal on Clothes

My husband cannot eat a meal without getting something on his shirt. Forget when he cooks, then its a real disaster! So what's the best pre-treat/stain remover for food?
It's gotta be "Shout". My mother-in-law turned me on to this 20-some years ago. I have tried others and always go back. Why? Because it works!
Okay, the key is spraying it on every stain. So you have to lay the shirt out flat in good lighting. Spray the stains on the front. If it's long sleeved, fold the sleeves over to see the back of the cuffs and spray the stains there next. By the time you do this to all the shirts and pants you have in the load, it has soaked in enough. Launder on the warmest water for the fabric and hang out to dry. If its a bad stain, do it again, this time with a little scrub on the nasty stains.
"Shout" removes most food stains...grease, chocolate, ketchup...and blood stains, too.
One more "secret" to getting out stains...this is the hard part...don't let them sit too long. If you have spilled on something special, try to get it into the wash that night. The quicker you get to it, the easier it will come out. My husbands' shirts...I just do them once a week, no matter what. He is too hard to keep up with!
(And the "Shout" still works!)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Antiperspirant Stains

So what is this stuff we can't wash out? It's deodorant...more accurately, it's anti-perspirant. That gel or creamy stuff we put under our arms. During the course of the day it transfers to our clothes, imbedding into the fibers along with perspiration and odors. That's why some shirts still stink after laundering.

This stuff doesn't wash off our bodies so easily either, so another step to keeping clothes clean is to make sure we clean it off our armpits, too. Hah hah you think, of course I shower and clean under my arms. But if you are not using a scrubby or wash cloth along with a "deordorant" soap, you are leaving anti-perspirant residue behind. Forget the fancy bath gels and washes for under your arms...if you have stains, you are sweating too much for that. A "deodorant" soap has anti-bacterial cleansers that remove it all...with a little scrubbing. So for under your arms you need "Dial" soap, "Lever 2000"... we are talking good old, dry-out-your-skin soap!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yellow Armpit Stains

Yellow armpit stains...ruining what was once a great white t-shirt or white blouse...
I have tried everything to get them out and have finally found a solution!
Resolve All-Stains Laundry Stain Remover. This is the product that has 2 solutions you squirt out at once. They mix together for incredible stain removal! This product looks like a gimic, but it works.
Okay, you must follow the directions:
1. squirt out the solutions onto the stain
2. "Rub gently" on the directions, but if this is a cotton shirt, use a soft scrub brush and scrub
3. Wait 5 minutes (while you sort the rest of your laundry and pre-treat mild stains with something else...we'll get to that later)
4. Wash in the hottest water for the fabric (later on that, too)

Once washed, hang out to dry. Now this is the thing...you may have to do this 2 or 3 times if the stain has been there awhile. You are doing laundry anyway, just keep throwing it into a load!